Skills - Noel Herrick


Programming languagesRuby, JavaScript (Node.js and browser), C#, Java, and PHP
FrameworksRuby on Rails (4-7), React (class and function), SlateJS, and ASP.NET (MVC and Core)
Performance/logging toolsNewRelic, Datadog, Bugsnag, and Kibana
Development toolsGit/GitHub, Yarn, Babel, Webpack, RubyMine, and Visual Studio
Web developmentHTML, CSS (Bootstrap, SCSS, and TailwindCSS)


Database systemsMySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server (including SSRS, SSIS)
Database languagesSQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and T-SQL)
Database programmingStored procedures, triggers, views, and functions
NoSQL systemsRedis and ElasticSearch


Cloud providers/servicesAWS, including EC2, RDS, S3, and Lambda
Operating systemsLinux, macOS, and Windows