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  • I can create a reporting solution for your business

If you have projects or goals that involve a computer, especially those attached to the Internet, let's talk. Email me at hireme@noelherrick.com.

Need proof I can help you? I've built this: a CrossFit event app.

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MySQL RDS Point-in-time restore


RDS for MySQL on AWS allows you to restore to any point in time for your backup retention period, minus the last 5 minutes or so. Restoration creates a new instance, it does not overwrite whatever instance you’re restoring. AWS’s use of the word restore is a bit confusing because restore often means “take your production database server and overwrite it with data from a backup”. As far as I can tell, Amazon never means this. When you restore, AWS creates another database server and writes all the data to the new instance, both when you’re using restoring to a point-in-time or from a DB snapshot. If you needed to switch servers, you’d have to point your database to the new instance.


Announcing Secrets Escrow


I’ve often wanted a way to have access to emergency-use passwords. When I as a database administrator, I didn’t need God-level permissions on my servers for everyday work, I only needed those in dire circumstances such as server failure. Since there wasn’t a good way to ensure I that I could fix stuff during emergencies, I just got God-level permissions. This isn’t the best idea, however. The more people with those permissions, the bigger the risk. In the end, it’s better to have everyday, low-risk permissions but a way to “break the glass” and get root/admin privileges during a crisis. Read more

The technology behind Leaderboard


I just finished my first solo product, Leaderboard, a SaaS app for managing competitions. I’ve done tons of little side projects, but I either abandoned them or I built them only to learn a new language, framework, or stretch my programming ability. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life since the beginning of the project (just like everybody else). Regardless if I make one cent or not, I’ve finished a product (meaning I got software working to a point that someone could pay me and built-in a way for someone to pay me). Read more

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About me.

I am a budding software entrepreur from beautiful Boise, Idaho. I like creating software, because our work frees people from meaningless, repetitious tasks, often giving them a lever to move the world. I've worked on everything from a small ERP system, to trucking software, and now I'm on a team with a great group of people writing software for the marketing space. My favorite technologies include C#, SQL Server, and Linux (can't wait for all of those to be united).

My non-work hours are filled with family and travelling, hopefully both! (The picture is my beautiful wife and me in Switzerland). I won't say no to either a Homeric epic or a snifter of cognac.

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