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I am a software engineer with over 10 years of experience building Web applications, focusing on database development as well as work further up the stack using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

I've built many Web applications, using a wide variety of technologies, inlcuding Ruby on Rails, C#/.NET, Java, and PHP. With every programming language, I'm an advocate for writing tests, reusing code, and writing idiomatic code. I've used Agile and Scrum (including serving as a Scrummaster for team).


Software Enginner - Email marketing industry

1 year

Worked on a team to develop and maintain a fast-growing email marketing platform using Ruby on Rails in Heroku and AWS.

Software Developer - BlackRockTech, LLC

2 years

Designed, developed, and deployed several Web-based SaaS products in C# with ASP.NET MVC 5 on SQL Server 2014.

Sr. Database Administrator/Developer - Local marketing industry

3 years

Drove database design and development for a team of programmers working on Web-based software for the local marketing industry with Fortune 500 clients.

Sr. Database Administrator - Trucking industry

3 years

Developed database logic for freight-matching software and maintained production database systems.

Skills & Technologies


Programming languages: C#, Java, Go, and Ruby

Programming paradigms: object-oriented programming

Web frameworks: ASP.NET MVC 3-5, Ruby on Rails, Web API, Jersey

Development tools: Visual Studio, RubyMine, IntelliJ, Git, Subversion

Front-end development: JavaScript, JQuery, Underscore, Angular, Bootstrap, Sass

Dependency management: Nuget, Maven, NPM, Bower, RubyGems

Unit testing: Junit, Rspec, Nunit, MS Testing Framework


Database systems: SQL Server 2005-2014 (SSRS, SSIS), Postgres, MySQL, SQLite

Database languages: SQL (including T-SQL and MySQL/Postgres specifics)

Database programming: Stored procedures, triggers, views, and functions

Database libraries: Entity Framework, ActiveRecord, Dapper, JDBC

This is a shortened, somewhat anonymized version of my resume. For a complete version, please email me at hireme@noelherrick.com

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