Making software to make money.

So far in my career, I've made other people money with my work. I want to change that, and I think software is fertile ground for an entrepreneur. We can create machines that do stuff all by themselves, generating value and money while we sleep. Check out my work to make this a reality!




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Announcing Secrets Escrow


I’ve often wanted a way to have access to emergency-use passwords. When I as a database administrator, I didn’t need God-level permissions on my servers for everyday work, I only needed those in dire circumstances such as server failure. Since there wasn’t a good way to ensure I that I could fix stuff during emergencies, I just got God-level permissions. This isn’t the best idea, however. The more people with those permissions, the bigger the risk. In the end, it’s better to have everyday, low-risk permissions but a way to “break the glass” and get root/admin privileges during a crisis. Read more

The technology behind Leaderboard


I just finished my first solo product, Leaderboard, a SaaS app for managing competitions. I’ve done tons of little side projects, but I either abandoned them or I built them only to learn a new language, framework, or stretch my programming ability. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life since the beginning of the project (just like everybody else). Regardless if I make one cent or not, I’ve finished a product (meaning I got software working to a point that someone could pay me and built-in a way for someone to pay me). Read more

Announcing Leaderboard


I’m pleased to announce Leaderboard, a simple competition management service that helps organizers score their event. It’s my first product and I hope that it’s something that useful to competition organizers. Read more

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About me.

I am a budding software entrepreur from beautiful Boise, Idaho. I like creating software, because our work frees people from meaningless, repetitious tasks, often giving them a lever to move the world. I've worked on everything from a small ERP system, to trucking software, and now I'm on a team with a great group of people writing software for the marketing space. My favorite technologies include MySQL, C#, SQL Server, and Linux (if only Microsoft released a *nix SQL Server).

My non-work hours are filled with family and travelling, hopefully both! (The picture is my beautiful wife and me in Switzerland). I won't say no to either a Homeric epic or a snifter of cognac.

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