Make Software that Makes Money.

So far in my career, I've made other people money with my work. I want to change that, and I think software is fertile ground for an entrepreneur. We can create machines that do stuff all by themselves, generating value and thus money while we sleep. I will learn and simultaneously teach others how to build a sustainable software business. My main focus is how to make money with MySQL, but I will include other technologies. This endeavor will go beyond technical knowledge, incorporating marketing, sales, and customer service to figure out what your customers (or your boss) wants, and how to get them to pay you well for your efforts. I've created some basic resources to help you. Read what I've written on MySQL or take a look at my upcoming book, MySQL Simplified.

Latest from the blog

Micra: A simple Java Web framework


Java powers a lot of webapps, but I’ve always found it to be fairly unwieldy to get a project started, especially in comparison to the simplicity of Ruby, PHP, or server-side JavaScript (Node.js). Even a simple Hello World in Spring MVC takes a lot of work. This contrasts with the three steps it takes to create and run a Sinatra web site in Ruby. Read more

Always use decimal for money


Data types make all the difference in the world when you’re designing your database. The choices you make now will affect the quality of your data, as well as application performance. I’m going to focus on one issue in this article: why you should always use decimals to represent money. Let’s jump in and see why that’s true. Read more

Interviewing for a Database Developer


I work for a firm that’s heavily invested in SQL – a team that needs to have developers who know their way around relational databases and MySQL in particular. I want to show you how I run interviews for our development positions. Read more

In Switzerland

About me.

I am a budding software entrepreur located in beautiful Boise, Idaho. I like creating software, because our work frees people from meaningless, repetitious tasks, often giving them a lever to move the world. I've worked on everything from a small ERP system, to trucking software, and now I'm on a team with a great group of people writing software for the marketing space. My favorite technologies include MySQL, C#, SQL Server, and Linux (if only Microsoft released a *nix SQL Server).

My non-work hours are filled with family and travelling, hopefully both! (<-- That's my beautiful wife and me in Switzerland). I won't say no to either a Homeric epic or a snifter of cognac.